Being in the security industry, I often run into other security companies. Whether I am bidding against them, or their employees are interviewing with our company, I am amazed by the different cultures each guard company has. There are some national companies that put anybody in a uniform and pay them next to nothing. They restrict their employees ability to get involved with anything, for fear of liability. There are a lot of local and very aggressive security companies as well. These are the most dangerous in my opinion.

You can easily identify them as they market themselves as a “Private Police Force”, or have their own private SWAT teams, etc.  This can be very dangerous to the client.  You do not want an aggressive presence to scare your customers or tenants away.  If you need a SWAT team, the police will gladly provide one at no cost (should the situation warrant one).  An overly aggressive security guard can often make a situation worse, by trying to do too much.  It can also foster a bad relationship with the police department, as they respond to mess where somebody is already upset because a security officer created a situation that didn’t need to escalate.

The point of a uniformed officer is to present a strong visible deterrent, to prevent things from even happening in the first place.  Should an incident occur, they should be trained to be a good witness, verbally de-escalate a situation, and get the police involved when necessary.  Only as a last resort should a security officer get involved in arresting or using force.  If they have to do so, they should also be properly trained.  I hear far too often of security officers that are given no training, just a uniform and an address to go stand at.  If you are looking at security officers for your property, thoroughly investigate your providers culture and training.  It could save you from a sticky situation down the road, and keep you away from any negative press.

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