We are often interviewing potential Titan Officers who are coming from other security companies, and asking them about the training they receive from their current security company.  Too often we hear “they gave me a uniform and an address, and told me to stand there.”  A Lot of times these are armed officers who receive no training, no qualifications, no background or drug testing, etc.  I won’t go into a long speech about how dangerous this is for the client. 

The main goal of a security officer is to be an alert, visible presence, to deter any unwanted and/or criminal activity.  There are rare times when they are forced to use a level of force, which is only in the rarest of circumstances.  When and if they do, they should be properly trained on what to do (and more importantly, what not to do).  There are very little, if any, regulations on licensing and training for security officers.  There are many cut rate companies who pay as little as possible, and give their personnel little to no training when hired.  We believe very much that proper training limits the liability exposure of our clients, and also keeps our people safe. 

Most of the time proper verbal commands and communication can limit a situation from escalating, but that must be trained and taught as well.  Leaving somebody out there with no training is a recipe for disaster, but is common place in the industry.  Make sure when you are looking at security contractors that you learn as much about their training programs.  If somebody is providing the cheapest price, there is a reason.  Look for a comprehensive initial AND ongoing training program, and require it in your request for service.  If you are using security currently, I think you will be shocked to find the lack of training that exists in the industry.  Again, we are not training people to be super cops that are quick to use force on people.  We are actually training the opposite, and teaching them to communicate and deescalate a situation.  The point is if you are not training, you are leaving it up to the individual officer to make the decision, based on their limited experience. 

Titan Officers training

Titan Officers training

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