We have made several posts regarding how camera systems often only record the crime after the fact, and do little to prevent a crime or lead to an apprehension of a suspect.  In relation to that, we receive several phone calls from people who have a video surveillance system, but didn’t realize it was not working when they go back to get footage following an incident.  Most customers get a camera system for their business, and never do any maintenance on it to ensure it continues to operate properly.  Everybody gets busy, and it is easy to forget to check up on the equipment periodically.

Too often we hear from customers that they went back to review footage, only to find the system was not recording during the times that they really needed it.  This could be because of equipment failure, network issues, or a camera could be knocked around or accidentally pointed in the wrong direction.  A good rule of thumb is to periodically review footage on a weekly basis to ensure everything is working properly, and also inspect each camera to ensure they are not obstructed and pointing in the right direction.  Many systems have the ability to send emails when there are network issues, or equipment failures.  If you have a camera system, make sure you perform regular maintenance before you go back to review footage when you really need it and find out it is not working properly.

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