Titan recently purchased a training simulator that allows us to put officers in different scenarios, which they might encounter out on the street. An instructor can control the outcome of a scenario, based on how the officer communicates and interacts with the suspect. Officers are given weapons which register within the simulator when used. If they choose to use force, the subject on the screen will react appropriately (cover their face if pepper sprayed, etc.).

This is a powerful training tool. It gives us valuable insight into how an officer communicates and makes decisions under stress. It gives us the advantage to make mistakes in the classroom and not in real life. It is an expensive piece of equipment, but very valuable as we can demonstrate how we want situations handled and get a comfort level of the officers understanding by showing us how to handle different situations. Scenarios range from asking a disgruntled employee to leave, all the way to an armed robbery.

Check out the videos below to see how it works!



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