Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. My name is Ryan Smith, and I am the owner of Titan Protection and Consulting, Inc. A full service security provider and consulting firm, located in Kansas City. I am also a police officer, with over 12 years of security and law enforcement experience. I have served many years working patrol on the street, as well as being a member of the SWAT team and a certified defensive tactics instructor. I have received countless additional training hours in other areas, and continue to further my education. I started Titan Protection in response to continuous contact with incompetent, under qualified and under trained, private security personnel while working the street as an officer. Police are given the task of securing entire cities, and are often under staffed and overwhelmed with calls. It is a welcomed task to concentrate on specific areas, i.e. client’s properties, to reduce or prevent current crime trends. We start each client with a comprehensive security audit to determine current and potential risks, then formulate action plans to remedy and prevent any issues. We constantly monitor changing crime trends, and use past statistics to dictate the performance of our action plans. Please contact us today for a free security consultation!!!

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