Fulfilling the Titan Promise

Our commitment to clients is to always make their specific security needs our top priority. As a client, you will be paired with a Security Director who serves as your liaison, ensuring superior service and accountability. During the implementation process, we promise to cover every corner of your protection in the most thorough manner.

We start security services as soon as you request them, even within a day. At Titan, our goal is to provide you with peace of mind in any way we can. If something is unsatisfactory, we will work immediately to correct it. Our cyclical approach to your protection plan also addresses the constantly evolving landscape of security risks to your business.


Our Implementation Process

Phase 1: Security Audit

The Security Audit reviews existing policies and procedures, identifying and prioritizing assets for protection. Crime statistics are reviewed to identify past crime trends and anticipate future threats.

Phase 2: Tactical Planning

During Tactical Planning, the Security Director develops policies and procedures to deter, detect, delay and respond to any and all threats. Each Tactical Plan is tailored to specific client needs and situations, down to the last detail. Additionally, post orders or assignments are developed.

Phase 3: Execution

The appropriate officers execute the Tactical Plan and the Security Director continues to monitor and update the Security Audit and Tactical Plan to stay ahead of any criminal threats and/or activity.