Enjoy all the benefits of Titan’s live video monitoring wherever and whenever you need it with our new portable surveillance system.


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What is a Virtual Security Guard?

Titan’s Virtual Security Guard is a mobile surveillance system that is ideal for challenging and remote areas and any outdoor environment that has short or long-term security needs. Unlike a fixed surveillance system, which requires a lot of cabling, Virtual Guard is portable and can be rapidly deployed and installed, often within a week.

Virtual Guard can be coupled with our Patrol Services and, just like our live video monitoring services, provides 24/7 surveillance by a highly trained, in-house team that’s ready to respond to suspicious activity the moment it happens.

Virtual Security Guard is Perfect for:

  • Construction sites and parking lots
  • Auto dealerships and outdoor storage
  • Oil and gas utility sites
Cameras Aren't Just for Recording

Cameras Aren't Just for Recording.

With Titan Monitoring, when suspicious activity happens, our operatives take action to stop criminals and alert authorities in real time!

Benefits of Virtual Security Guard

Criminals Caught in the Act:

Don't let crime interrupt your business.