Patrol Services

A Thorough Approach to Protection

Visibility and careful attention to detail are both crucial to warding off criminal activity, and protecting you and your property. Titan’s Patrol Services Package combines boots on the ground with a high-tech approach to security and reporting that literally leaves no stone unturned.

Our officers respond to alarms that the police department might ignore due to the frequency of false alarms. Our response is quick and thorough, with Titan Tour technology and GPS tracking that ensure officers investigate every inch of your property. You will have visibility to the patrols and response times of our officers. We provide detailed reporting that informs you exactly where and when an officer was in your area, and just how much you are being protected.


Patrol Services Package Includes:

Roadside Assistance: We help with vehicle lockouts, jump-starts and tire changes.

GPS: All officers are equipped with GPS cellphones that are enabled with this program. We know the exact location of each officer, routes they travel and even how fast they are going.

Titan Tour™: We place dime-sized microchips around your property. Our officers exit their vehicles to scan these chips, and data from that scan is recorded.

House Watch Program: Going out of town? Let us know and we will keep an eye on your home while you are away.


Call Response: This includes alarm response, noise complaints, employee escorts, and investigating suspicious activity.