Training Programs

Being the best in security guard services starts with hiring quality people and giving them the tools they need to perform their jobs at a consistently high level. At Titan, all 350+ of our officers have law enforcement experience or are trained by law enforcement professionals. We believe our officer screening and training are among the most rigorous in the business and are key factors in Titan’s legacy of outstanding customer service.

Finding the Right Officers

Our screening of new employees includes background checks and drug testing. The process also involves extensive interviews. Titan seeks job candidates who are smart, motivated and have a natural desire to help and protect others. We look for officers who understand that the best way to stop crimes and property theft is to deter them from happening. When criminal activity does occur or there is a confrontation, we value cool-headed, professional individuals who can de-escalate the situation, which is in the best interest of the client, our company and the perpetrator.

Training in the Classroom and in the Field

Not only is our training comprehensive, it is continuous. New candidates go through a two-day training academy with law enforcement professionals. These sessions include escalation and de-escalation techniques, weapons use and verbal skills to use when ending conflicts. We also provide extensive field training that includes a state-of-the art firearm simulator that can create various real-world scenarios. All of our officers are well-versed in defensive tactics, policy and procedures, scenario-based training, client-specific training and live-saving skills like CPR.

Criminal activity is always changing and evolving. That is why Titan officers regularly receive training on new procedures, technology and tactics that give them and our clients the upper hand. Preparation and continuous improvement help keep Titan several steps ahead in the chess match that is security guard services.

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