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Reduce costs—not security—with our combined guard and live video surveillance monitoring.

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Every property has its own security requirements. The needs of a construction site are different from those of a multi-family residential, corporate office building, shopping center, or outdoor storage. In some case, an on-site presence is necessary, but round-the-clock security guards can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Titan helps you protect your property and your bottom line with our blended remote guard/monitoring solutions. Whatever type of security you need, indoor or outdoor, day or night, East Coast, West Coast or anywhere in between, we have the high-tech equipment and the dedicated personnel to provide the exact protection you need, when you need it.


Our combined boots-on-the-ground/high-tech approach gives you the option to tailor your plan to meet the needs of your budget. Whether you want an on-site presence 24/7, or just for the day with video surveillance monitoring and patrol services at night, we’re ready to work with you to build the right package for your specific security needs. We offer:


An On-Site Physical Presence

Titan's guards are highly trained, attentive and professional, and many of them are off-duty law enforcement officers. A Titan guard’s presence sends a message to would-be criminals that we are keeping a careful eye on your property, helping deter criminal activity before it begins.


Live Video Surveillance Monitoring

We provide active surveillance, using a combination of cutting-edge equipment and a team of monitors and dispatchers. We record and respond to events in real-time, using deterrence methods such as voice downs, lights, and alarms to prevent criminal activity or, when necessary, by alerting security (if used in conjunction with on-site guards) or police.


Patrol Services

Whether responding to break-in or simply escorting late workers to their cars after dark, our reaction is always quick and thorough. Our patrol officers respond to any dispatcher call, assuring that you never have to wait for help when you need it most.

Why Choose Titan?


10 Years of experience

Multiple arrests per year

Multiple arrests per year

6X faster police response rates

6X faster police response rates

Easily expandable services

Easily expandable services

Cost effective

Cost effective

Case Study


Titan helps the property manager of a commercial office building save on costs with a blended solution of security monitoring plus officers. Download the  case study to see how Titan Monitoring quickly solved the clients at a fraction of the cost of their competitors!